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Fertility Services

Fertility conditions treated / services offered

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

This can cause infrequent ovulation so appropriate weight loss advice is given and medication to induce ovulation.

Cycle monitoring with scans

Clomiphene is offered with follicle tracking in the first cycle and monitoring to ensure the correct dosage is used.

Testing of the fallopian tubes

This can be with a Hysterosalpingogram.

Laparoscopy is indicated according to clinical picture in some cases.

Ovarian Reserve testing

We offer AMH testing and scan to assess Antral Follicle Count (AFC).

IVF including IVF/ICSI

Miss Husain will firstly assess the couple for a diagnosis for their fertility problems. For cases of male factor, tubal disease or unexplained IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is recommended. The work-up for this can be completed with Miss Husain and the couple can be treated at Thames Valley Fertility Unit in Maidenhead. This is a state of the art unit with a highly accomplished team of doctors, nurses and embryologists.

Male partner testing

For a fully confidential, highly professional and convenient service for Semenalysis please contact Claire Mooney, Consultant Embryologist at www.fertilitysolutions.co.uk, telephone number 01753 891118.

Referral to a urologist specialising in male factor can be arranged as needed.

Facilities for semen sample production and analysis are available on site. Referral to a urologist specialising in male factor can be arranged as needed.

Information for couples

First appointment

We will be pleased to see you and your partner for a specialist consultation regarding fertility. We encourage you to attend as a couple at least for the first appointment because any decisions you make about investigations and treatment will affect both of you.

Patient history questionnaire

This will be sent out to you by email or by post and we would appreciate if you could complete this and bring it with you to the consultation. Please also bring a completed menstrual calendar of cycle length. It would be helpful if you could also bring any previous results from elsewhere that will help in your management.


In order to protect patient confidentiality, we are unable to discuss either partner’s results or sensitive information in their absence and this may delay your treatment. All correspondence between healthcare facilities and personnel will be using your names and ID information and we require written consent for such information sharing. Please bring a completed consent form signed by both partners to the clinic.

Fertility FAQs

If you have any questions regarding fertility, please see our FAQs page.

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